Okanagan Supreme Performance Horsegroup

Following the serious demand of dedicated breeders and true horse people for a support in producing horses only for high performance the OKANAGAN SUPREME PERFORMANCE HORSE GROUP (OSPHG) was founded as a private connection of breeders associated with OKANAGAN SHOW JUMPING STABLES under the patronage of the famous STUDBOOK ZANGERSHEIDE. The knowledge, that successful breeding for high performance is a matter of provable science and not a gamble brought together a group of very valuable people and their horses.
The OSPHG is supplying to its members a comprehensive consulting in all breeding matters. Furthermore, there is a full spectrum of help available for registering mares, registering foals and later on, even for marketing products. On this basis, over the years a family-like connection of breeding enthusiasts developed. It now enjoys the business success of the program as much as the social aspect of these activities.
No wonder, that the carefully prepared events of the OSPHG get a lot of attention. There is usually an avid crowd of visitors attending the foal registration meetings, the stallion presentations and the annual general meeting of the members. Even more impressive, in 2008 a high quality sport horse auction took place, putting up only horses of Okanagan Show Jumping Stables and of members of the OSPHG. It demonstrated a high standard comparable to the best European auctions. Based on the convincing success, the generated turnover and the high acclaim the future demand might lead to this event becoming a regular institution.