Breeding Services

Okanagan Show Jumping Stables always has a wide selection of approved or licensed stallions available for breeding. In North America, in general the importance of the breeding license of any particular association is not as critical, as the whole breeding industry usually is working with a wide range of associations and connections. Being totally attached and totally loyal to just a single association is uncommon.
Despite this situation, because of our decades-long cooperation with the studfarm Zangersheide, we still concentrate in our program on very close joint efforts with the studbook Zangersheide and register all our products with it. Over many decades this cooperation with Zangersheide has been leading to almost identical philosophies. We enormously appreciate the support this studbook is giving to the single dedicated breeder.
On the stallion end, the breeder can choose between fresh-cooled shipped semen, frozen semen or full on-farm service by bringing the mare.
Certainly, the show season has a big influence on the availability of selected stallions, so individual arrangements have to be made on a case by case basis.
On the mare side, we are always offering free consultation and evaluation concerning the best bloodline connections or the breeding potential of an individual mare. Our experienced team, including a highly specialized reproductive veterinarian, is always available for providing the best possible service, especially for so called "problem mares" needing extended attention.
You will find all stallions residing at Okanagan Show Jumping Stables right now under "Stallions". Additionally, there is a selection of special high quality stallions with frozen semen only available, including some of our already deceased foundation stallions as well as some exceptional foreign progenitors.