Horse Sales

Of course, for the breeding department of our breeding operation, horse sales are the main business. Different from many other operations, however, our main focus hereby is not just to create a quick sale, but rather to create a perfect match between the horse for sale and the future owner. We understand this new horse / rider or horse / breeder combination as our new promoter and representative in the industry. So we put every possible pride in the process, exploring - from all points of view - together with a serious customer which horse is the best match for the personal goals and needs of each buyer.
So each rider or breeder gets the most honest and consequent consulting to pick his future dream horse from the entire selection, not just from a group of sales horses. This explains why all our customers are coming again and again, whenever they need another horse. There are always possibilities to pick an exceptionally good horse from the weanling stage up to fully trained to Open Level for sport purposes.
As far as dedicated breeders want to get their own "claim of the goldmine", there are always possibilities from single mares or stallions up to a complete foundation stock. After supporting the buyer in reaching a decision, we always back up the result afterwards by helping the new owner with training, showing or if he wishes it, even marketing his new horse. In an ongoing cooperation, sometimes sold horses are even coming back to us, being replaced by different ones, until we find the perfect match.