Our Team

Following the tradition of the decades old stud farm in Germany, Okanagan Show Jumping Stables is still a family operated venue with the key positions all run by experienced family members.

Gerwig Bahle, born 1954, is the managing director and overviewing all activities at the farm. His life-long experience as a competitive showjumping rider and breeder as well as respected trainer for horses and riders gives the perfect base for directing the many different aspects that together form and shape Okanagan Show Jumping Stables.
Elke Bahle, born 1957, was herself for many years an active rider and competitor in the field of dressage and young jumper classes. She now manages all administrative areas including customer care, breeding schedules and coordinating the show season. As she is also responsible for human resources, she is sometimes called the "good soul" of the operation.
Eberhard Bahle, born 1987, is the chief rider of the competiton stables and is responsible for all schooling and developing of the show horses. He is also overviewing the work of the other riders. As he has already been representing Okanagan Show Jumping Stables for many years at countless national and international showjumping events, by now he is very well respected on the highest international level in the whole of North America.
Konrad Bahle, born 1989, is in charge of the breeding department and manages the reproductive end of this operation. Besides that, he directs the agricultural division of the farm. In his free time he rides and trains all the older breeding stallions and keeps them fit for their ongoing job.


This family team gets strong support from three additional riders breaking and training young horses and helping to develop the show string of always around 25 horses on all levels up to the highest international sport in North America. Very carefully selected grooms support this area of work, while always some additional students get the possibility to gain experience and training under qualified guidance.

A couple of other enthusiastic supporters take the load of barn maintenance and farm work off the shoulders of the breeding and sports team, supplying the base for all of the above activities.

Please note: We are always looking for more team members in all areas of our operation. If you're interested in joining Okanagan Show Jumping Stables in one of the various areas of work, contact us and we'll be glad to discuss all details with you.