Our Philosophy

OKANAGAN SHOW JUMPING STABLES Ltd. and formerly the Bahle family has been selecting and building up its breeding stock for decades following the strict rule that only the very best horses are worth to be in breeding. So no compromises are to be made when selecting breeding material for the goal of breeding for high performance. As a result, Okanagan Show Jumping Stables has an impressive number of world-leading mare families available. The fostering of these invaluable bloodlines is the center of our breeding philosophy and explains our ongoing extraordinary breeding success. If you want to study more details about the surplus value of the female line, we have a detailed write-up available.

Another big factor in our breeding strategies is the available performance record of each whole family used in our breeding stock. Top performance as a tradition in the whole family promises fairly high genetic security. This can be increased even more by employing the highly developed knowledge and experience of lineage combinations in warmblood breeding for choosing the stallion. For us, extremely helpful at this point is the fact that our ambitious competition stables are - with very few exceptions - only using home-bred horses. These athletes are supplying us non-stop with first hand performance data and judgement criteria.
Especially here the huge advantage of an operation having breeding and sport in one hand is most obvious.

Additionally, in that strategy it is important to see the judgment of breeding values as a long term project. Deciding factors like sport results and quality of offspring keep on changing as time goes by. Further, during competitions and the work with the growing-up offspring impressions may change.

As a result of the consequent execution of these principles we are working today with an ingenious cooking recipe for an incredibly potent genetic cocktail. For many years the horse breeding of the Bahle family has mainly been based on the famous Holsteiner lineages Stamm 776, Stamm 18B1 and Stamm 730 B.
When the decision was made to add on to that base the most successful and proven mare families of Zangersheide, there was the opportunity to chose from all those families only direct daughters of Ramiro. He himself was a member of Stamm 776 and brought for all those famous other families the direct blood connection to the breeding system of Okanagan Show Jumping Stables.

These absolutely world leading families based on the international top competitors Heureka Z, Fairness Z, Gotin Z(Girl), Panama Z and Alaric Z now show in their tremendous breeding results that successfully selecting and breeding for high performance is not like a lottery, but rather a sophisticated and provable science.

For decades our breeding operation selected and collected the most successful horse families worldwide with highest proven concentration of high performance records. These families organized in a sophisticated breeding system following the most experienced rules of "nick-patterns" are a genetic goldmine. Be sure to have a closer look at some of our fascinating old foundation mares!