Stallions Which We Will Have At Stud For 2019 

For all those who are curious to know what stallions will be used for breeding in our operation this year, here is our list of stallions at stud for 2019:


Lamborghini Z (Le Sauvage / Rascal Z = Ramiro Z / Alme Z / Gotthard)


Luxor Z (Luxury Z / Acadia Z = Alexis Z / Landgraf I / Colt)

Chimeron Z (Chellano Z / Alpine Z = Accord II / Alme Z / Ramiro Z)

Darcon Z (Darco / Contendra V/H Kunselhof = Contender / Fleet Steed xx)

Lamando Z (Le Sauvage / Camanda Z = Carthago Z / Calvin Z)

Laternus Z (Leroy / Rhea Z = Ramiro Z / Winnetou)

Anybody interested in adding one of those bloodlines to their breeding program is welcome to contact us for more information. You find all those fine stallions on this website under Stallions.






  Foals of 2017 


 The foaling out season in 2017 brought us an amazing string of babies. The quality of those foals is not second to anywhere worldwide! For interested buyers the following foals are still available:


- Chimanto Z, colt, by Chimeron Z out Alicante Z

- Darconella Z, filly, by Darcon Z out of Castella Z

- Chimookie Z, filly, by Chimeron Z out of Cookie Monster Z

- Darconido Z, colt, by Darcon Z out of Chelonida Z

- Darleo Z, colt, Darcon Z out of Leah Z

- Luxvelle Z, filly, by Luxor Z out of Lavell Z

- Quimanda Z, filly, by Quincent Z out of Chamanda Z

- Quinciero Z, colt, by Quincent Z out of Luxiera Z

- Chobracho Z, colt, by Chopin out of Quebracha Z

- Luxado Z, colt, by Luxor Z out of Lambada Z

- Chimaelo Z, colt, by Chimeron Z out of Raffaela Z

- Lupine Luxor Z, filly, by Luxor Z out of Alpine Z

- Chimalive Z, colt, by Chimeron Z out of Calife II Z

- Chutetia Z, filly, by Chopin out of Lutetia Z

- Luxterna Z, filly, by Luxor Z out of Laterne Z

- Chimiato Z, colt, by Chimeron Z out of Laviata Z






 Update on Results of the Breeding Season 2017 


 After finishing the breeding season at the end of August, we proudly report 22 of our mares confirmed pregnant! Following you see all those mares and to which stallion they are in foal:


 - Labostella Z, in foal to Chopin

 - Clarissa Z, in foal to Chimeron Z

 - La Rochelle Z, in foal to Darcon Z

 - Lucy Z, in foal to Chopin

 - Chocolate Z, in foal to Luxor Z

 - Poor Girl Z, in foal to Darcon Z

 - Alicante Z, in foal to Chimeron Z

 - Leonida Z, in foal to Luxor Z

 - Diva, in foal to Luxor Z

 - Chelonida Z, in foal to Chimeron Z

 - Cookie Monster Z, in foal to Luxor Z

 - Annabelle Z, in foal to Chopin

 - Lavelle Z, in foal to Luxor Z

 - Luxiera Z, in foal to Lurex Z

 - Livietta Z, in foal to Chimeron Z

 - Leah Z, in foal to Luxor Z

 - Alpine Z, in foal to Chopin

 - Lambada Z, in foal to Chopin

 - Castella Z, in foal to Darcon Z

 - Lutetia Z, in foal to Chimeron Z

 - Calife II Z, in foal to Chimeron Z

 - Camana Z, in foal to Chimeron Z






 Special Jumpers Ready Trained For Immediate Showing  

There is a whole group of high quality horses ready to go showing immediately!






 Special Horses for Sale 

 Chovita Z  (by Chopin out of Pavita), dark bay mare, 16.3 hh, born 2008.
Chovita Z is pleasant to ride on the flat and very reliable to jump. She is careful, scopy, and eager to work, but nevertheless sweet and amateur friendly. Jumping nice courses in our grass ring and ready to go showing immediately.



Click here for her pedigree and video footage.

 Lavington Z (by Larrox Z out of Jonquille), bay gelding, 16.1 hh, born 2010.
Lavington Z is a very modern type with a sensitive character and beautiful movement in all gaits. His way of movement and jumping make him an excellent high-end hunter prospect. He is in the process of being started under saddle.


Click here for his pedigree and video link.

  Let's RockNRoll Z (by Letkiss Z out of Lucia Z), bay stallion, 16.2 hh, born 2011.
Let's RockNRoll is just starting to work under the rider and is definitely an exceptional candidate for the highest international sport. We cannot praise enough his scope, elasticity, stunning gaits in combination with his smartness, bravery, and trainability. A dream for the most demanding riders.



Click here for his pedigree and video link.

 Carpello Z (by Caballero out of Carpella Z), bay gelding, 16 hh, born 2012.
Carpello Z is just starting his developing program under tack. He is a very pretty and sensitive prospect with highest possibilities for the hunter ring. While his exceptional movement even would allow him a career in the dressage ring, his eagerness to jump makes him a very promising candidate for the amateur sport.


 Click here for his pedigree.





 Looking for a Partner! 


  Due to the fact, that we grew into a real big operation during the last 20 years, we decided, that it is time to welcome a new partner in our team and our business. So anybody interested in joining one of the most substantial breeding and showing operations in the North American show jumping world, just contact us for an open discussion of possibilities. If you know about anybody possibly being interested, just pass this on. 














 CANADA has its hands RIGHT ON 




 The year 2012 brought some exceptional possibilities for studying the sophistication of breeding high performance horses to every breeder, as the Zangersheide magazine celebrated in several issues the most important show jumping mare families.

 In each issue, they gave a thorough follow up and evaluation on one particular mare line, starting from the original foundation mare.

 As some of the most important ones, let us focus on the following:

    Zangersheide magazine no. 6 (Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012): The family of “Fairness Z”

                                                                                            (page 50 to 57)

    Zangersheide magazine no. 2 (April/May 2012): The family of “Heureka Z”

                                                                                       (page 54 to 59)   

    Zangersheide magazine no. 3 (June/July 2012): The family of “Girl Z (Gotin”)

                                                                                    (page 54 to 61)


 All three articles give a totally detailed presentation of each particular family, but only mention in a small side note, that one of the original direct descendants of each family started beginning of the 1990s an own career as foundation mares with the Bahle breeding farm, nowadays Okanagan Show Jumping Stables Ltd. in Canada.

 Each of those mares managed to establish their very own branch of their famous family in North America and we find it necessary to give a detailed update about the actual situation of the North American branch.

 This is especially the case, as these families now have such a wide base in Canada that we can afford to invite some ambitious breeders to join in and get access to those incomparable, world leading bloodlines either with getting a mare or with using a stallion out of these families.

 So we strongly recommend to read the unbelievably educational and informative articles in the Zangersheide magazine and to connect them with the following additions referring to the North American branches:






 While Wencke Z is celebrated sufficiently as the dam of “Rinnetou Z” in the Zangersheide magazine, her other Ramiro Z daughter “RHEA Z” came to the Bahle family in 1993. As mentioned in the Zangersheide magazine “RHEA Z” gave birth to “Absolom Z”, a son of Aladin Z, who was sensationally successful last not least with Michael Whitaker.


  Rhea Z

 Rhea Z



 After changing to the Bahle family “RHEA Z” first brought a beautiful filly by Amadeus Z, which already as a weanling got sold to a breeder in Calgary.

 After that she brought year by year beautiful fillies by Le Sauvage.

 As from the beginning the idea was to establish a wider branch of this most important family for North America, all female offspring was put into breeding programs right away.

 So the first most beautiful mare “Libelle Z” went to a breeding farm in Ontario, while the second daughter “Lapiana Z” went to an ambitious young breeder up North in Alberta. The third and last of the sisters by Le Sauvage, “Leah Z”, showed  big similarity to her grand dam Wencke, and therefore got kept at Okanagan Show Jumping Stables as future foundation mare of that line.

 After all those fillies “RHEA Z” decided it was time to get some colts as well.

 With the stallion “Alternative Z” (see chapter III, the family of Gotin Z), “RHEA Z” produced the fancy stallion “Abracadabra Z”, born 2000, who got sold to a breeder in California, where he apparantly produced very nice sport horses.

 With Louis she brought the big stallion “Louvre Z” in 2001, who got sold as a young prospect to an amateur rider and still is competing very successfully in the High Amateur divisions.

 Following “RHEA Z” brought with the high blooded stallion “Lucino Z” the beautiful stallion “Lurock Z”, born 2002, who got sold as a young stallion to the ambitious breeding operation of Leslie Bogart. In her ownership he got developed by Andrea Strain successfully to the 1.30m level and came back now to Okanagan Show Jumping Stables, where he gets prepared for the next bigger jobs under the saddle of Eberhard Bahle.

 Afterwards “RHEA Z” supplied us in 2003 in combination with the Landgraf I son Leroy a stunning, noble chestnut filly: “Laterne Z”, which we right away decided to keep because of her super modern type and her fascinating jumping talents.

 “Laterne Z” was in 2012 the proud mother of a real beauty queen, the filly “Lumina Z”, by Lucino Z.

 In 2005 “RHEA Z” gave us the mighty stallion “Lido Z”, by Le Sauvage, who got sold to a dressage background and is now showing his big talent in this field.

 Next “RHEA Z” produced a beautiful filly by Louis, “Linnetta Z”, which got sold right away to a local breeder.

 Last “RHEA Z” ended her career as a brood mare with a very special gift to us:

 Her last foal “Laternus Z”, by Leroy, born 2008, turned not only into a stunning stallion prospect, but also offers so much jumping talent and sport enthusiasm together with his super modern type, that we decided to put him into a sport career first of all to prove the value of his famous ancestors.

 This seems more than fair because of the fact that most of “RHEA Z's” offspring never got the chance of a sport career. In regard to the fact that Canada most likely has no high-end mare base available in breeding, the establishing of such a Stamm line for the breeding base had absolute priority over a single sport career. Now the time has come to harvest, which means that the young prospects can display their qualities in the show ring.



 Laternus Z 

 Laternus Z



 “RHEA Z”  died last summer quietly after her well enjoyed and well deserved retirement at the age of 27. 


 As ''RHEA Z's” career came to an end, as mentioned her legacy got carried on in our barn by her third Le Sauvage daughter “Leah Z”, born 1997, right away.    

 As if “Leah Z” would understand her job of securing this mare line, she kept on producing stunning fillies in a row:

 For example with Louis (Lord/Ramiro Z) the mare “Linnetou Z” in 2006, with Chopin (Capitol/Caletto II) “Chopaleah Z” in 2008, with Caballero (Calando I/Ramiro Z) “Calibra Z” in 2009, and with Lucino Z (Landlord Z-Tiziana xx) “Lecina Z” in 2011.

 In 2012 we got her first colt by Lurex Z (Lucino Z-Romanze Z, please see chapter II about the mare line of Heureka Z and the article in the Zangersheide magazine mentioned earlier). His name is “Leorex Z”  and he carries highest hopes as a future stallion prospect.

 For 2013 “Leah Z” is expecting from the stallion Chopin again.       


 Leah Z with filly Lecina Z

 Leah Z with her 2011 filly Lecina Z


 In the year of 2002 we were looking for an extension of our engagement in this highly important mare family.

 Leon Melchior helped us with supplying the 2 year old mare “Alpine Z” to us, who is a daughter of Accord II out of April Love (Alme Z-Rinnetou Z, see article in the Zangersheide magazine).

 “Alpine Z” started her breeding career right away with giving birth as a three year old to our freaky “Chellano Z” stallion “Chimeron Z”, favorite to watch in the arena for all visitors of Okanagan Show Jumping Stables, and still being in preparation for bigger tasks in the show jumping sport.

 The following year she brought with Le Sauvage the stallion “Loriot Z”, who was drawing quite some attention last summer with Eberhard Bahle in the 1.20m divisions as a newcomer in the bigger show scene.

 After that “Alpine Z” got sold to a local breeder, where she produced some nice foals, before she returned to Okanagan Show Jumping Stables 5 years ago.

 “Alpine Z” celebrated her return right away with the beautiful filly “Lahaina  Z” by Lucino Z, which seems to be a dream horse for sport and breeding. As “Lahaina Z” turns 4 in spring of 2013, we soon have to decide in which direction to go first, which is tough because of her super talented and scopey free jumping presentations, indicating the possibility of a big sport career.

 Last spring “Alpine Z” produced a super athletic filly by Chopin (Capitol/Caletto II) and for 2013 she is in foal to Chopin again.              .







 Because of the incomparable success of “Ratina Z” first under Piet Raymakers and then for a long time under Ludger Beerbaum, the mare line of Heureka Z got celebrated worldwide so much, that there is no need to go into that any further, as the article in the Zangersheide magazine is already doing it.

 Again the North American branch of this mare line is hardly mentioned in the last write-up and we like to complete this part as follows:

 Heureka Z had a direct Ramiro Z daughter, “ROMANZE Z”, which only gets mentioned with her grandson “Roble Z”. No more information is supplied, as “ROMANZE Z” came to the Bahle breeding farm in 1993 together with her filly “Chablis Z”, by “Cordano Z” (Capitol/Landgraf/ Sacramento Song xx). “Chablis Z” was kept right away with the idea of having another foundation mare of that line to widen out the base of this important family.


Romanze Z in 1998 with her colt Lurex Z

Romanze Z with her colt Lurex Z in 1998                      


 "ROMANZE Z” started her new career as a foundation mare shortly after her arrival in Canada with the colt “Clou Z”, again by Cordano Z in 1994. This “Clou Z” got sold as a three year old stallion to the East Coast, where he was most successful for many years in the highest Amateur Jumper classes as well as in the highest Hunter classes. Because of the constellation with his owners he never had the chance to reach the international show jumping scene, but certainly showed all the necessary qualities for that in sport.

 In the next step ROMANZE Z” brought in combination with Le Sauvage (Le Grand I/Colt) the incomparable stallion “Luxury Z” in 1995. “Luxury Z” was in every sense an absolute dream horse; he had not only the scope and carefulness of an Olympic horse, but the heart and the appearance of a warrior and undoubtedly was on the road to the top of the sport in North America.

 So while focused on his sport career he did only a few occasional breedings (despite the fact that he was Canadian Champion Stallion).

 “Luxury Z's” performance showed already major success in all levels including the 1.30m's at big venues like Spruce Meadows and everybody was jealously watching this superstar of the future. But then … life was striking hard!

 When “Luxury Z” was ready to move up to the 1.40 and 1.50m's, he got sick with diagnosed brain tumor and deteriorated within half a year before it came to an end.

 What a tragic loss not only for Okanagan Show Jumping Stables and its stable rider Eberhard Bahle, losing his next international horse, but for the whole North American breeding industry, too.


Luxury Z at Thunderbirds Luxury Z in Tuscon, Arizona 

Luxury Z at early show starts                             


 The quality of the few numbers of offspring “Luxury Z” produced is not surprising: Each single foal showed unbelievable qualities and huge improvements over the mother.